Dr. House

It’s Got a Dingus!

Erotic Pez Dispenser

Boogers Galore

Burger Commercial Fetish Spit Hole (Gross) Wrong Burrito Important Graph Obama! (Remember when people did this a lot?)
Jay Leno Schtick Down in the Dumps Superman Lil’ Jesus Get Well Card Fanny Pack Fan
Ron The Problematically Titled Robot (sorry) Jabba’s language Match Making Watch Murders Is Your Refrigerator Running
Cat Cuddle Time Big Stick Beached Myself Charles Ironic Mix Tape Hot Lava Training
Commercial Interruption Gay Marriage Where’s Waldo’s shirt? Waldo stealth suit Free Water
Survival Snuggling In Love Irregular Heart Candy Cupid Mishap Christian Dating
Foot Ball Bloopers Random Humor Come At Me Bro the Movie Door Jamb Man Trying to Reckon
Mrs. Dogfire Urkel Murder Duck Fight The Whenever Pillow Used Car Shopping
Motion Capture Man Public Radio Phone Sex Dancing Robots Too Many Bees